Bay State Council of the Blind

Affiliate of the American Council of the Blind

The Leading Consumer and Advocacy Organization of People with Visual Impairments in Massachusetts

The Bay State Council of the Blind (BSCB) is a membership organization of blind, visually impaired and sighted individuals committed to an enhanced quality of life for Massachusetts’ blind and visually impaired residents. BSCB offers publications, regional and special-interest chapters, informative meetings, a special radio show, Council Connection, and leisure activities for people who want to be aware and active members of their communities and the world around them.

Members and committees of the BSCB work to influence change in many vital areas including: employment, education, library services, rehabilitation, technology access, transportation, civil rights, and recreation.


Free quarterly newsletter BayLines brings timely news and features in large print, cassette, E-mail, and braille;

The Braille Forum, the American Council of the Blind (ACB) magazine published monthly in braille, large print, cassette, and IBM compatible computer disk;

ACB Reports which is a monthly news feature program on the statewide radio reading network and Council Connection which is a monthly interactive interview format program produced and hosted by BSCB, and heard on the statewide radio reading network featuring a wide variety of timely topics of interest to the blind community.


BSCB local area chapters, including the special interest chapter of Guide Dog Users of Massachusetts, meet regularly for programs and socializing. The Spring Convention is a weekend event packed full of enlightening presentations, fun, and fellowship. The annual Fall Conference is a one-day meeting focusing on specialized workshops and discussion groups on a variety of topics of interest to people with visual impairments.


The BSCB holds an impressive track record of valuable representation on boards and working with local institutions like Perkins School for the Blind, the Massachusetts Commission for the Blind, Carroll Center for the Blind, The Wang Center for the Performing Arts, and others to provide critical consumer input on quality services, braille literacy, guide dog rights, access to the arts, and more.


BSCB is at the forefront of enabling people who are blind or visually impaired to appreciate the rich, cultural fabric of Massachusetts. Audio description of WGBH/WGBY public television via Descriptive Video Service (DVS), live narration of theater in Boston, chartered accessible tours to a variety of attractions, and increased enjoyment for museum visitors are examples of services BSCB collaborates on to enrich the leisure hours.


Through cooperation with elected officials, BSCB has successfully sponsored and monitored laws affecting blind people. The organization is respected and called on often to testify at public hearings on such important regulations as the Massachusetts Braille Literacy Act, Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). Membership in BSCB provides access to the latest Capital Hill news via ACB’s “Washington Connection” toll-free hotline


BSCB’s network of members deliver the answers to your questions about people, products, services, and issues important to individuals with impaired vision. News and the latest happenings in the blindness community can be reached via the BSCB Information Line at

The Bay State Council is affiliated with the American Council of the Blind and the World Blind Union. It has a board of ten blind and visually impaired officers and directors and attracts members from all walks of life.

Whether you are totally blind, partially sighted, or a friend or relative of a person who is visually impaired, BSCB membership will enrich your life. Through membership or support, you will keep up to date with developments, new products and services, career opportunities, recreational and travel possibilities, benefits, and much more. So join us today, and start receiving opportunities to shape the future, publications with information you cannot get anywhere else, and the chance to meet people who are blind or visually impaired from near and far.

For membership information contact:
Bay State Council of the Blind
57 Grandview Ave.
Watertown, MA 02472
Phone: 617-923-4519
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