Committees and Task Forces

As an organization Bay State Council of the Blind has a small number of standing committees and task forces that aide in the day to day operations. The functions of these committees range web and social media management, event planning, newsletter editing and publication, and resource development.


Group Categories

Operational Groups

The Resource Development committee is responsible for developing strategies to assist in the financial growth of the organization.

The budget committee is charged with developing the organization’s yearly budget.

The Web Presence Committee is charged with the maintenance of the organizations website and social media channels. The committee also is responsible for posting content to the website, content can include but is not limited to newsletters, podcasts, and project updates.

The Publications Group is charged with the drafting, production, and publication of the media assets owned by the organization. This include but is not limited to Baylines, the official newsletter, and Council Connection, the official audio magazine.

The Social Committee is charged with the planning and execution of the social events for the organization.

Advocacy Groups

The Transportation Access group is charged with advocating for the fair access to all mode of public transpiration. These modes of public transportation include but are not limited to air travel, light or heavy rail, taxis, or ride sharing service such as Uber or Lyft.

The Shared Ride Task Force is charged with advocacy related to the issue of shared ride services such as Uber and Lyft as well as standard taxi services.

Convention and Conference Planning

The Convention Planning Committee is charged with the planning and execution of the organization’s annual convention. This group has several sub-committee and they include Programming, Registration, Auction, and Volunteers Operations.

The Conference Planning Committee is responsible for the planning and execution of ┬áthe organization’s annual fall conference.