Bay State Council of the Blind

Social Committee

Social Committee Minutes for 9 December 2015


  • David Kingsbury, Chairman/li>
  • Email:


  • Brian Charlson
  • Jerry Barrier
  • Nina Kagan

Absentees included Kathy Devin, Jan Doremus, and Daisy Russell


The conference call began at 7:30 PM and was chaired by David Kingsbury (who also prepared these minutes). Participants included Brian Charlson, Jerry Barrier and Nina Kagan. Daisy Russell, Jan Doremus and Kathy Devin were unable to make the call.

We began by thanking Nina for her excellent work in organizing the bowling outing on October 31.

We then proceeded to identify possible Social Committee events for the first half of 2016. The committee agreed on the following:
• The next event will be a lunch at the Boston Beerworks (201 Brookline Ave. Boston) on Saturday February 6. David will take the lead in organizing it. He will first check with the Board that there are no conflicts on that day.
• Jerry will look into the possibility of organizing another birding event for late May or early June. Ideally, this event would take place at the Mount Auburn Cemetery in Cambridge.
• Brian will examine the logistics of organizing an indoor wall-climbing event. There are several possible venues in the Boston area. The Carroll Center has organized such events during the summer months for students. He will look into how the Carroll Center organized this.

After the call, Daisy emailed with another possibility that the student chapter had mentioned – a karaoke evening (that is “care ee okey” in Jaws speak). Other committee members encouraged her to further look into this and report back on the next call.

The next conference call will take place on Wednesday February 3 at 7:30 PM.